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Proofs of attendance that may be collected digitally may provide companies with both short- and long-term value in the Web 3.0 equivalent of showing off backstage passes and event images.

As both virtual and real-world events become more popular, an emerging trend on Web 3.0 is starting to form: Proof of presence records in digital form.

Tokens based on the blockchain have huge promise for the beauty and fashion industries as a means to incentivize customer reward and loyalty participation, similar to ticket stubs, VIP lanyards, and Instagram photos of the after-party. They provide an accessible entry point for those who are intrigued by NFTs and resonate with the data-averse ethos of the growing Web3 community.

Among the most dynamic industries is the fashion business. According to Patricio Worthalter, developer of the POAP, the standard protocol for NFT as a ticket, there are a number of interesting use cases. A POAP, which stands for “proof of attendance protocol,” is used to mark the passage of time for a specific event. On the technical side, they are represented by a unique smart contract, and on the retail side of things, they have a distinctive icon. After they are issued, they may be used for a variety of reasons, providing the kind of real-world value that is often lacking in early NFT projects.

During Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW), attendees often asked one another at the beginning of events whether they had a good idea of the odds to claim a POAP. According to Billy Farrell, co-founder of the BFA photography business, many people lined up to see even average performances. There was a POAP kiosk in every queue I encountered while visiting MVFW. Back in the day, on Fashion’s Night Out, it was equivalent to the quest for free picture opportunities and gift bags, people would line Madison Avenue.

NFT and Web3 technology adoption and user familiarity are still in their infancy. In November, for a short while, Users of Adidas’s verified app were given access to exclusive content and first dibs on purchasing its “Into the Metaverse” NFT. Many businesses in Decentraland, such as Brytehall, Known Origin, Lottie London, and Estée Lauder gave out POAPs to event attendees. POAPs were given out to attendees of the Authentic Brands Group speech given in March at the Shoptalk retail convention, while attendees of Mango’s shop opening last week received wearables from Decentraland-related POAPs. In addition, designers like Markarian, Altuzarra, and Eckhaus Latta provided NFT souvenirs to the crowd.

As a result of our recent partnership agreement with the POAP group,, BFA will be able to expand its photographic services to aid businesses in issuing POAPs during events. Working as professional photographers during events, it has just occurred to us that our business has been engaged in the ‘proof of attendance’ all along and that a big part of their job is to inform customers about NFTs’ underlying technology and their future prospects.

Attendance tokens provide a new dimension to the potential capacity to retain consumers using blockchain technology as firms expand their Web3 plans to include NFT collectibles and digital activities. By offering a badge of honor, where the client does not have to give personal information. In certain cases, they may be used to turn activities into games, provide incentives for repeat business, and bridge the gap between the virtual and the real worlds. They’re also a simple and obvious way to get your regular clientele interested in Web3 and maybe even use it.

As a collector, backstage credentials and lanyards are some of my favorite items to amass from the businesses we photograph because their communities are vibrant and they are wonderful to give away. As BFA co-founder Neil Rasmus points out, personal online attendance records POAPs are other ways to cement the fact that you were there at a particular event. There was a barcode on the back of each seat in each coach that related to a certain collection. Future barcodes may be one of four hundred potential POAPs.

The way it functions

Given that POAP is a registered trademark, although some businesses provide temporary NFTs to employees who visit certain sites at certain times of the year, not all of these are really POAPs. Worthalter says that up to four employees look over potential POAPs to stop intellectual property theft and dangerous information.

He “highly opposes” companies integrating themselves directly into the protocol, so he’s establishing partnerships with agencies like New York based BFA and in Paris that “understand the language of fashion” to assist with POAP-related brand endeavors. Although POAPs are built on Ethereum, they are often delivered at no cost since they are stored on a “sidechain” to avoid expensive gas costs. One option is to switch to Ethereum’s mainnet, which is the public blockchain used for the majority of Ethereum’s production transactions.

In virtual worlds like Decentraland, where users may link their cryptocurrency wallets to the network, a user can visit a virtual kiosk to get their POAP. Inviting guests to a private dinner using a QR code on the menu or place card, or a podium with an NFC chip, guests may be prompted to get the POAP wallet and claim their own tokens in the real world. Possible recipients include those who have subscribed to the email list.

A Web3 investor and influencer named Gmoney claims that POAP has a bright future, this is a fantastic method for bringing in new users who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. If you want nothing more to do with cryptocurrency, all you have to do is obtain the phone-accessible link to access the POAP Wallet. Just stop right now, since you’ve accomplished your goal.

More than just stubs

Farrell suggests that companies begin with something modest, such as a POAP-sponsored cocktail party. Worthalter warns against unrestricted distribution, such as when a new collection is introduced and everyone in the community receives a POAP. Just because you followed the company on Twitter when a new line was released does not mean you automatically qualify for a freebie, but rather because the POAPs are collector goods, which they want to remember forever.

The possibility extends well beyond the realm of digital collectibles as individuals and businesses amass these tokens. Arianee’s CEO and co-founder Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel has distributed proof-of-attendance passes for shows like Paris Fashion Week using the Arianee wallet, he calls this one of the coolest features. The Adidas example shows how a buyer may get a drop of product, but they might also gain entry to a personalized Web3 realm. According to Hurstel, token-gated websites for many high-end businesses are now under development at Arianee and will launch in the next few months. This, he explains, is both the concept of digital memory and the concept of certification.

Estée Lauder hosted a Little Brown Bottle-themed pop-up shop in Decentraland for their MVFW event, where visitors were gifted a POAP and an NFT wearable. It was the goal of the event to generate interest in and enthusiasm for the brand. According to Estée Lauder’s SVP of worldwide consumer marketing and online, Jon Roman, when customers have a positive experience with our brand in cyberspace, they will be more likely to want to purchase our products and promote our brand in the real world. The CIO, Michael W. Smith, says that POAPs is becoming a new way to measure how involved employees are.

You can find Gmoney with a card that has an NFC chip already installed. The card functions like an on-chain signature in that anybody he physically interacts with may scan it to get his unique POAP. Then, he may reward them later on. Holders of his POAP have gotten early entry with the Adidas NFT access in the past. In addition, he was planning a Miami-based treasure hunt.

Tickets to an event that means a lot may be kept for years, creating a network structure that, like a long-running Instagram account, grows in value with time. Proponents argue that it’s a touch more discreet than getting your photo taken, but still gives you bragging rights among Web3 users.

This information may be useful for both parties. Without knowing a user’s very personal info, brands may see how many individuals have attended several events and what other products each user has gathered, according to Gmoney. Having this information will allow them to surprise them in the future by airdropping unique gifts. The system naturally evolves into tiers, similar to a membership rewards system, he explains; no extra effort is required to implement such a scheme. Perhaps you could get a discount on a Coachella ticket if I went there for three consecutive years. You may forge that connection with your community without paying a middleman to do it.

Artist Varvara Alay, whose Flower Girls NFT collection served as a (POAP) at the recent Pepsi Strength of a Woman event featuring Mary J. Blige, argues that a person’s POAP collection may be more useful to a business in reflecting a person’s interests. With this information, It’s possible for a company to direct their marketing efforts directly at a collector or owner of a POAP; for example, if a Flower Girls NFT owner attends a retail store or branded event, they may be able to claim a POAP and digitally outfit their PFP in the brand’s designs.

The need for widespread exposure to POAPs is expected to grow in the future. Wagmi Beach’s co-founder and CEO Carlo Fox is a pioneer in the Web3 entertainment industry and co-investor in Wave 7, an investment firm, states that there is a norm of wanting to talk about these things and flaunt that I was there. Badges from many prominent NFT collections were included on a current virtual jacket from Cult & Rain, and Rtfkt’s “Area Pods” have already promised a digital exhibition space. Instagram has only recently stated that it is experimenting with a feature that will allow users to show off their NFTs. Imagine a world where people who want to show off their loyalty would be more likely to wear digital badges of attendance.

Maybe it’s only a question of time. According to Worthalter, it has not been possible for the POAP group to accommodate the influx of interest from industries such as trends in athletics, clothing, and academics since 2020. Worthalter feels this is reasonable. It is not our intention to achieve a soft landing in terms of product expectations. According to what he says, we operate on a very lengthy timescale.

And in many respects, this is only traditional behavior cloaked in modern tools. Regardless of your identity, there’s always “a door”. According to Farrell, this won’t be altered. But now, once you’re inside, you may get a Permanent Online Access Pass (POAP) that will forever be a component of your online persona to show your inclusion.


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